Street Medic Pro-tip 05: The Buddy System

buddy_system1You should always attend a protest with 2 to 3 people you know and trust …  stick with them all day.

Protesters have been using the Buddy System for decades now because:

  • It’s safer (you’ve got each other back);
  • You can share supplies;
  • You can assess each other’s mental & emotional state if things go haywire;
  • You can get a second opinion;
  • (Street Medics) One person can interact with the casualty whilst the other interacts with the crowd;
  • You know what medications your buddy is on & where they are stored
  • You’ll be able to acknowledge your buddy’s warning signs, symptoms & triggers if things become stressful (useful in avoiding Critical Incident Stress developing into PTSD down the line.)
  • You’ll know what to do if one of you gets arrested.
  • You can debrief together afterwards.

Being a Buddy means you never leave your partner(s) field of vision but, if you do get split up during the action be certain to have a back-up plan or meeting place in mind so you can hook up again later.

Best practice is to work with an AFFINITY GROUP.

Please, tell us about your experiences with the Buddy System? Or Share some useful Buddying tips in the comment section below