Street Medic Collective Starter Kit

In a world of increasingly militarised police forces and incidences of state violence in union and community campaigns, there is a strong need for street medics to provide support and care. We offer these resources in the hope that they will facilitate the development of new street medic collectives and more prepared street medics who want to help their comrades. Whether and how you use these resources is up to you and/or your collectives.

Most of these resources have been allowed to be distributed by their creators; other works are provided here for educational purposes as per Australian copyright law requirements. If you have any inquiries about the materials linked here, please contact us.

Street Medicine

Protesting Softly – ODT (15KB)

Medicine in Context: Street Medics – DOC (38KB)

What We Do (Chicago Action Medical) – PDF (82KB)

Activist Trauma and Recovery

Activist Trauma & Mutual Support – PDF (65KB)

Coping with Disaster and Trauma, Common Responses – PDF (85KB)

Coping with Police Brutality – PDF (147KB)

Responding to Critical Incident Stress in Protests and Mass Mobilisations – PDF (23KB)

Assessing and Treating Common Injuries

Street Medic’s Guide to Hypothermia – ODT (32KB)

Handcuff Injuries – PDF (66KB)

Anaphylaxis– PDF (234KB)

Asepsis – PDF (135KB)

Asthma – PDF (929KB)

Brain Injury – PDF (569KB)

Chest Pain – PDF (2MB)

Diabetic Emergency – PDF (158KB)

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Assessment – PDF (198KB)

Foot Fractures – PDF (294KB)

Hand Fractures – PDF (275KB)

Minor Burns – PDF (119KB)

Neurological Assessment – PDF (2.3MB)

Seizures – PDF (1MB)

Wound Management – PDF (362KB)

First Aid at Protests

First Aid for Activists – PDF (1MB)

Health and Safety at Militant Actions – PDF (578KB)

On the Proper Use of Gloves – ODT (37KB)

Setting Up a First Aid Station – PDF (1.4MB)

Group Dynamics

Reach Beyond Your Friends – ODT (7KB)

Rising Up Without Burning Out – PDF (2.7MB)

Self-care and Self-defence for Feminist Activists – PDF (14.6MB)

The Athens Manifesto – ODT (4KB)

Protest Advice

Shit, We’re Going to Be Arrested – PDF (39KB)

Sexual Violence

Women’s Information Referral Exchange (WIRE) Sexual Assault Information Sheet – PDF (982KB)

Rape and Sexual Violence: A Media Toolkit for Local and National Journalists to Better Media Coverage – PDF (1.4MB)